Happy 18th Birthday Wishes

18th birthday wishes : Cute sweet 18th birthday wishes for everyone to say happy 18th birthday in a loveable way for your special ones.

Best 18th birthday wishes

1. You don’t get to turn 18 everyday. This will be a year that you will cherish all your life so make the most of it. Have a happy and fun-filled 18th Birthday.

2. Welcome to the world of freedom. However, make sure that you use your freedom wisely. For now only you will be accountable for the decisions you take. Happy 18th Birthday. Have a blast!

3. Welcome to the world filled with fun and occupied with adults. May all your dreams and fantasies come true. Happy 18th Birthday!

4. Always remember with freedom to take decisions comes the responsibility to take the right ones. Happy 18th Birthday and welcome to adulthood!

5. You might get to drive and vote since you’re 18 now but it’s officially the last time you’ll get to cry over spilt milk to get what you want! Welcome to adulthood and wish you a very Happy 18th Birthday.

6. They say that youth is wasted on the young but you have the ability to prove that wrong. On your 18th birthday, make me a promise that you will not waste what you’ve got, live to the fullest and make the very best of everything. Happy 18th Birthday!

7. Turning 18 is amongst most beautiful things in life. Don’t bat an eyelid to miss a single moment of your wonderful day today! Happy Birthday!

8. 18th birthday becomes all the more special,
With the company of good friends and family,
With everyone around,
So, have fun this day,
Wish you happy 18th birthday!

9. What does being 18 mean?
A life too full?
Or a life too empty?
A life to busy
To send you in a tizzy?
Or a life to dull
To help you pause and mull?
I think at 18
You’ve got to breath hard
Take a deep breath and make a cool start
That’s all I wanted to say
Usher in 18 with pride
Coz’ today’s your Happy Birthday!

10. Now you can ask for some extra allowance,
Now, you can ask for some extra cash,
Because your dreams would be high,
Wish you happy 18th birthday!

11. Your success and glory is always in your hands. And any excuse or reason, you come up with is just another easy way out. Never let the fate, construct your future, instead, construct your fate. I wish you faith, strength and focus to succeed in life. May God bless you.

12. It’s your happiest birthday
As you have finally reached a time
When you can decide about life
Yes so make the most of this day
It’s a happy 18th birthday!
Have a cool day!

13. May you have the brightest day of your life,
Because it is the most brightest birthday,
Of the most brightest person like you,
Wish you happy 18th birthday,
God bless you!

14. You can have the privileges of being 18 only once. So enjoy it while you’ve got it. Wishing you a very Happy 18th Birthday!

15. 18 is the age when freedom and responsibility collide. It is time to take wise decisions from now on. Happy 18th Birthday to you my dear.

16. Enjoy the last two years until your glorious teenage is over. Then you’re going to be burdened with all the miseries of life! Haha. Wish you a very Happy 18th Birthday!

17. Would like to wish you a very happy freedom day,
You can now officially do everything you always wanted to do,
So, have a nice day,
Wish you happy 18th birthday!

18. 18th is a huge milestone in life,
So, take all your decisions so wise,
Stay blessed this day,
Because it’s your day,
Wish you a very happy 18th birthday!

19. Teenage is very difficult age. It is a time when people expect you to act like an adult, but at the same time when you open your mouth to participate in adult discussions, they ask you to shut up. Well, when you’re 18 my friend, you can go on talking even if they ask you not to. Happy 18th Birthday!

20. Ushering in your 18th Birthday, say hello to a driver’s license, multiple dates, credit cards, a room of your own and your own phone bills. How does that sound for a life ahead? Happy 18th Birthday!

21. Gone are the days when you were a teen,
Now, you are the most prettiest queen,
So cherish this time my dear,
As you celebrate this year with lots of cheer,
Wish you happy 18th birthday!

22. 18 means some extra joy,
18 means end of toys,
18 means being responsible a bit,
As you will get that feel in a bit,
Wish you happy birthday!

23. Your journey to success starts from here and now,
Because you are officially responsible for your role
To reach your destination and goal,
Happy 18th birthday to you!

24. Happy 18th birthday to you my dear,
It is a special day so do cheer,
Get whatever you desire,
And reach more higher,
Wish you happy birthday!

25. 18 brings in new pleasures in life,
And with so many new hopes,
So, have a nice day,
Wish you happy 18th birthday!

26. 18th birthday is special in life,
Because it is the start of another phase of life,
So, be prepared for this one,
Wish you a very happy 18th birthday!

27. An 18th Birthday comes with a lot of baggage. Are you still young enough to throw a party or old enough to invite your friends for coffee at night? Are you young enough to tell your chum-next-door that you like them or old enough to take them out on a date? While you’re busy sorting out these questions, let me wish you a very Happy 18th Birthday!
You may have been born 18 years ago but you have become legitimate in this world only today. So cheers to that and Happy Birthday!

28. Yay! You’re an adult now! Happy b’day. Here’s to yet another year of blessings! Cheers. Remember to act mature.

29. Cherish all your memories of the teenage,
Because now you are officially young at heart
And well, young to do things you desire
Happy 18th birthday to you!

30. Happy 18th birthday to you,
May you stay blessed forever in life,
And may you be responsible in the courage to strive
Happy 18th birthday to you!

31. 18th birthday is a great start in life,
Of a new life with hopes and new ways
Of a life being more responsible to say!
Happy 18th birthday to you!

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