Happy 30th Birthday Wishes

30th birthday wishes : Great collection of funny and inspirational 30th birthday wishes to say happy 30th birthday in a loveable manner.

Best 30th birthday wishes

1. Being 30 years old means that you have the chance to decide whether you want to act young and crazy or wise and mature. The best choice would be to be a little crazy and a little mature. Have a great 30th Birthday!

2. Do you know Jesus was 30 when he started with his work? I’m sure you too are now ready to start with what God has planned for you. Happy Birthday to you.

3. On your 30th Birthday, close your eyes, look back and think about what a long way you have come through. We are all so proud of the person you have turned out to be. Hey oldie, Happy 30th birthday!

4. I wish your 30th Birthday brings you more happiness in the form of your family and friends who will stand by you for the remaining 7 decades that you are about to encounter. Happy 30th Birthday sweety.

5. At 30, you have enough experience to know how to separate the friends from the foes and the motivators from the naysayers. I’m here to tell you that I’m always going to by your side for the rest of your life. Happy 30th Birthday!

6. May you be blessed with more style, charm, panache, confidence and personality on your 30th Birthday. After all, 30 is the new 20 these days! Happy 30th Birthday.

7. What is the whole hype about turning 30? Especially when you look as good as 18! Happy Birthday to you, my friend.

8. Hey, Happy 30th Birthday to you dear. I’ll be looking forward to the many 30th birthdays of yours that are to come!

9. As you turn 30 today, you should be feeling proud of the things that you have been able to achieve rather than the things that you regret. This is my bit of advice on making you a stronger person. Wishing you a very Happy 30th Birthday.

10. When you are born, you don’t know what the hell is going on
In your teenage, your parents will tell you what the hell is going on
In your 20s, you know very well what the hell is going on
In your post 50s, you need to ask someone what the hell is going on
It’s only in your 30s that you realize that the whole point was to enjoy this confusion!
Happy 30th Birthday. Enjoy it while it lasts.

11. I just want to wish you the most amazing time of the year
Yes a time when you can just be so cool
A time when you can do what you want
As you are thirty now
So wishing you a happy 30th birthday!

12. At 30, if you see a strand of gray hair, consider it to be a gray hair of maturity. If you notice a soft wrinkle beneath your eyes, consider it to be a wrinkle of wisdom and if you notice a shadow always lurking behind you, consider it’s me watching over you! Happy 30th Birthday!

13. 30th Birthdays are always special because they help you see how far you’ve come and how far you still have to go. Have a great 30th Birthday.

14. Happy Birthday to the hottest 30 year old I have ever met. Who cares about maturity? It is your birthday, you are more than allowed to act like crazy!

15. All those who told you the 30s meant saying goodbye to fun was obviously lying. Here is where the fun begins, the only difference is that your wise enough not to get caught! Happy 30th Birthday!

16. Here’s a toast to all the lovely experiences of the past 3 decades and to the many more to come! Happy 30th Birthday, dear.

17. Did you hear 30 is the new 16? No? Neither did I! Hehe! Happy 30th Birthday dear. You’re still awesome.

18. Don’t whine because you are 30 years old, rejoice because you are 30 years wise! Happy 30 years of wisdom to you!

19. Your first wrinkle is a sign of maturity, while your very first grey hair is a sign that…well nothing, it is just a sign that you need some hair dye! Happy 30th Birthday.

20. When you are 13, you are dying to be 30. But when you are finally 30, you wish you could be 13 again. Skip the nonsense! You’re 30, so just be happy and proud of it. This is the age you’ll miss when you’re 40. Happy Birthday.

21. I gotta feeling…woohoo…that tonight’s gonna be a good night! 30th birthdays don’t come everyday, so make it a day that will go down in history. Have a blast. Happy Birthday!

22. Welcome to the age where you suddenly start behaving like the dork you would make fun of! Happy 30th Birthday.

23. Be a good thirty,
Be extra flirty,
Because thirty means fun,
You will still remain the number one,
Because thirty is great,
Wish you a happiest 30th birthday!

24. It’s a special time
Because at thirty,
You stand in near half way of life,
Being thirty you also turn wise,
It’s a special thirty,
Happy 30th birthday to you!

25. You are thirty,
Then you need to relax,
Because thirty is the new twenty in life,
So, you need to officially strive,
Wish you a super thirty!

26. Fulfill all your dreams and desires,
This age, though higher,
Will make you realize your life,
Along with all the strive,
Because you are wise,
Happy 30th birthday to you!

27. Being thirty can be scary,
Because you are just half way to you mid life crisis,
So, have fun being thirty,
Wish you a special thirty!

28. Another year of success and glory has passed for you, and it is all because of your sincere efforts and commitments. May you always achieve big things in life. I wish you a very Happy Birthday.

29. Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing. Believe in your dreams, trust in your abilities and never back down. I wish you luck, courage and glory, on your special day. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

30. On this beautiful day, I wish you a life ahead filled with all the joy, love and glory. Let this year of your journey of life bring the wonderful times to you. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

31. You are sweet, caring and trustful. You are a great friend and a wonderful person. I wish you always be the same. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy!

32. When you smile, the world around simply brightens up. No matter what happens, never let your infectious smile fade away. Enjoy your special day, I wish you a very happy Birthday.

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