Happy 5th Birthday Wishes

5th birthday wishes : Best collection of 5th birthday wishes for everyone to say happy 5th birthday in a poetic way.

Best 5th birthday wishes

1. Being parents to a cute and cuddly tyke like you is the same as being blessed thousand folds. Happy 5th birthday, little angel.

2. Happy 5th birthday you little trouble maker! You are free to skip your homework and eat a lot your cake until your tummy goes round like Winnie the Pooh!

3. My dear sweet baby, no matter how old you grow, I will forever see the entire galaxy of stars in your bright big eyes. Your smile will always be brighter than the sun and your cheeks the refuge of my silly kisses. Happy 5th birthday sweetheart.

4. The time and effort we did in raising you has paid off well and more. You have grown into a well-mannered and gentle 5 year-old. Happy birthday, little sunshine.

5. Blow a wish into the stars and dream with all your heart. Dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat and sing lovely songs with the birds perched outside your window. Embrace the bright sunshine and sparkle like the dazzling starlight. Because at 5, you can do what your heart desires. Happy birthday, little princess.

6. Now that you are five, you made our lives 5 times more blessed, 5 times filled with happiness and 5 times noisier too! Happy birthday, you little monster.

7. May this 5th birthday of yours bring you boundless health, infinite energy, never-ending smiles and immeasurable sunshine! Have a blast little one.

8. Turning five means you have become 5 times cuter, 5 times smarter, 5 times taller, 5 times sweeter and 5 times cooler! Happy birthday!

9. 5 is a great age to be! All you need to worry about is finishing your milk, cleaning up toys and overwhelming your parents with love! Happy 5th birthday.

10. A terrific child like you has brought immeasurable wonders in our lives. God has indeed sent an angel in form of our baby – you, our little bundle of joy. Happy 5th birthday!

11. I will never get tired of watching you sleep or bounce happily in our bed in the morning. I will never get tired of listening to you slowly read your books or sing your ABCs. And definitely, I will never ever get tired of loving you at your best and worst or protect you that threatens to hurt you. I love you, my little cookies. Happy 5th birthday.

12. Embark on a journey with a heart full of gladness; strap your bags overflowing with energy; and wear your favourite shoes made for hopping, running and dancing! Happy 5th birthday.

13. Five is not a baby anymore, but you will always be in our eyes, our little angel. Happy birthday.

14. I am looking forward to seeing you every morning with that goofy and grumpy face that you make. I am happily anticipating seeing you learn and grow beautifully every year. I am excited to see you conquer the world with your infectious laughter and boundless energy. Happy 5th birthday, sweetheart.

15. My dear little brother, even though you knock at my door and hide just to get in my nerves, I know deep down in that little heart of yours, I know that you love your big sister. How I wish you will stay that small forever so I can shower you icky kisses and tight hugs forever. I love you, little rascal! Happy 5th birthday.

16. It’s a happy day! It’s a fun day! It’s your birthday! Blow all the candles in one go! Dance and sing with your friends and around you go, go, go! Oh yes, you can eat your cake but not in one go! Happy 5th birthday, you little show stopper!

17. You’ve only grown more adorable, cooler and of course, taller with each passing year! Happy 5th birthday!

18. It is time to wear your crown and your pretty dress, and grace this world with another year of your sweet and bubbly laughter. Happy 5th birthday, Princess.

19. This world won’t be as beautiful for me if you had not filled my days with your naughty tricks and cuddly hugs and kisses. You have coloured my world with so much love and wonder and mommy and daddy wants to thank you for it. Happy 5th birthday, our little sweet sunshine!

20. From the moment we first held you in our arms, we knew that our lives have been changed forever. Your cries have rendered our night sleepless. You taught us how to be more responsible both as parents and individuals. You also taught us the incredible capacity to love as parents. You are the reason why we want to strive for the better in the future and we are definitely looking forward to seeing you grow into a wonderful person someday. For now baby, stay little and bouncy. Don’t grow up too fast, our little one. Happy 5th birthday.

21. Today, you are allowed to fill the halls with your sweet lullabies. You can run around the room and fill it with your dancing overflowing with grace. And of course, you can definitely send out your cuddly hugs and kisses to your mommy and daddy every day. Happy 5th birthday, princess.

22. My sweet little one, hold my hand and I will never let it go, even if the stars stop shining and the sun rises no more. When the world spins you round and round and you don’t know where you need to go, my arms are here a shelter for you to hold. Your love is my trophy and your happiness is my heartbeat. Always remember that I am here no matter where you go. Happy 5th birthday, my love.

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