Happy 60th Birthday Wishes

60th birthday wishes : We provide funny inspirational 60th birthday wishes to wish happy 60th birthday in a poetic manner

Best 60th birthday wishes

1. They say, age is a matter of feeling, not of years. May you always stay healthy and fit, in all the years to come. Happy Birthday.

2. May you stay blessed with good health, lots of smiles and good wealth, Have a great day god bless You Happy 60th birthday!

3. This is the best and the most amazing phase of life When you can just enjoy and be yourself Happy 60th birthday! Feel blessed!

4. All these years you have accumulated happiness, wisdom and love So cherish it in the time to come as well Happy 60th birthday to you!

5. Do you know that time has really changed,
60 is the new forty now
So, enjoy yourself and have fun
Happy birthday!

6. Wish you many smiles this special day
Wish you stay hale and hearty all the while
Celebrate this day with your smile
Happy 60th birthday!

7. When we are young, we run in to difficulties. And when we are old, the difficulties run away. I wish you a great life ahead. May you always stay healthy and fit. Happy Birthday to you.

8. On this beautiful day, when you turn in to a 60 year old, I wish to tell you that you do not look your age even a bit. In fact, I think you are 30 years old, with a gifted extra experience of 30 years. Always be the same. Happy Birthday.

9. A man who looks around the world with a twenty year old eye, at the age of 60, has only managed to waste 40 years of his life. Every age brings in an experience to remember and a vision to look around. I wish you both, may you have a great year. I wish you a very Happy Birthday.

10. Do you know that sixty and sexy look the same
So, now you are officially sexy at sixty
Enjoy yourself
Happy 60th birthday to you!

11. How do you manage to look fab at 60 also?
You don’t really look like sixty
Anyways Happy birthday to you!

12. Mirror does lie at times,
Because you are looking gorgeous at sixty
I am not lying
Because I mean it
Happy 60th birthday to you!

13. It is only when you reach a certain age, that you learn to appreciate the true beauty that is around. I wish you a very Happy Birthday. May you have a wonderful life ahead.

14. With each new passing year, you are getting younger and your heart is getting pure. Wish you an amazing 60th birthday!

15. Be happy today, because you have just turned twenty. Well, for the third time that is. Happy 60th birthday to you!

16. On turning sixty, you are surely aging like a fine wine. The older the wine the greater the taste so stay happy. Happy 60th birthday to you!

17. It just took you sixty fantastic years to look so good and gorgeous in life, so be happy. Happy 60th birthday to you!

18. You are sixty now so you are aging to perfection. Wish you a cool 60th birthday, have a super amazing day!

19. 60 does not mean 60 anymore
Because it means you have entered a new phase of life
Where you can have a good time
Happy 60th birthday!

20. Its just a age,
It does not matter
What matters is how you feel from heart
So, here is for that wonderful start
Stay blessed!
Happy 60th birthday!

21. The trends in age and thinking have changed
Sixty is the new fifty now
So you have your half of life ahead
Stop worrying about the wrinkles
And pay heed to your heart instead
Follow what your heart wants to do
You will smile all through
Happy 60th birthday to you!

22. Be proud of those wrinkles on face
Be proud that you have that grace
After sixty years of happiness in life
Now say enough to your strive
Enjoy and make many moments
Moments that will define your life
Wishing you a Happy 60th birthday!

23. Life is like a book,
You keep writing chapters so new
Start your new chapter today
As it’s your awesome 60th birthday
60 reasons to have that smile
60 ways to make so bright
Have a day full of surprise
Happy 60th birthday to you
God bless you!

24. With age you have gained wisdom
You have gained memories alike
Enjoy this day with your family and friends
Because your heart is still childlike
Have a fabulous day is my wish for you
On this special day of yours
Happy 60th birthday to you
Have an amazing day and feel new!

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