Happy 6th Birthday Wishes

6th birthday wishes : Best collection of 6th birthday wishes for everyone to say happy 6th birthday in a poetic way.

Best 6th birthday wishes

1. A birthday is the special day to dream new dreams and to face new challenges. I wish you lots of joy for your 6th birthday.

2. I send a very sweet “Happy Birthday” greeting for your6th birthday and wish you get lots of huge incredible fantastic toys.

3. I am wishing a 6th birthday full of toys, gifts, cakes, chocolates and fun to the coolest kid in town.

4. Wow! I can’t believe that you are 6 already! Time flies really fast… It just seems like yesterday that you were 5! May you have a Happy 6th birthday, little one!

5. Yahoo! You just turned 6-I can see, you are bigger, smarter, sweeter and stronger. Happy 6th birthday!

6. I wish you all the best for your 6th birthday.May all your dreams and wishes come true in the next year of life..

7. Now that your 6, I want to welcome you to the 6th club membership. Remember that your free membership is good for one year only and as the newest member, you will receive lots of kisses and hugs from me plus lots of cakes and pizza too!

8. I do not know if you will be a vet, a professional tennis player or the next president, but I know that you are one of the cutest girl in the world. Congratulations on your 6th birthday little princess!

9. Let the Birthday of the smartest kid be as sweet as honey. Happy 6th birthday my darling!

10. On your sixth birthday, here are six kisses, six hugs, six tickles and six smiles to make sure that you will have a fun filled sixth birthday!

11. You are 6 – wow!!! This must be giving you a feeling of growing big. Happy 6th birthday!

12. For your 6th birthday i wish you lots of nice presents and a fantastic day with your friends. Happy birthday!

13. Happy 6th birthday to the little hero! I am wishing you a rocking six birthday and may you have lots of fun with your friends, too!

14. Happy 6th birthday to the most beautiful little princess I have ever seen.

15. S is for sugar, silliness and sunshine. I is for ice cream and I love you, while X stands for exciting and excellent. Happy birthday to a special someone who is turning SIX!

16. Six years ago, a cute little baby was born. Since then, she has brought lots of joy to everyone. She has asked lots of great questions and learned so many skills, too. I am so happy that I get to watch such baby grow into an awesome little lady she is now. Happy birthday!

17. SIX stands for Spectacular Incredible X-man – You are a super hero. Happy 6th Birthday!

18. Hey, look who is turning six today! I am writing this note to say that may you have a very happy birthday that’s filled with laughter and games to play!

19. Happy 6th Birthday! You are now another year older and a year cooler! Have a lot of fun on your special b-day.

20. Now that you are 6, you can enjoy your birthday celebration in the best way. Sing songs and play games. Happy Birthday!

21. Happy 6th Birthday sweetheart! I hope that you drown in gifts today and get the best Birthday present ever!

22. Dearest, I just want to wish you a very happy 6th birth day! You will now be another year older which means you will be another year wiser. May you have lots of fun on this special day of yours!

23. Happy 6th birthday to you! May all your dreams and wishes come true!

24. On this birthday celebration of yours, you will have six big birthday candles to blow and six birthday wishes to make. You also deserve to have six giant scoops of ice cream and six huge slices of cake. So have fun, for it’s your birthday!

25. On your 6th birthday, may you have a six-sational birthday that is filled with exciting birthday wishes!

26. Hey little one, may this year be a great one and may your sixth birthday be filled with so much fun! Happy 6th birthday!

27. On your 6th birthday, I am wishing you lots of gifts, presents, chocolates and cakes! All the best for the coolest kids in town, happy birthday!

28. Make the most of your big b-day today. Birthdays are much more fun when you’re young. Happy 6th birthday!

29. You are six today. You have grown up fast. You look more beautiful than ever and you are smart, too. This makes you eligible for a special birthday hug. Happy 6th Birthday!

30. You truly fill our days with so much fun. I hope that your special day will be as gleeful, happy 6th birthday!

31. I am sending fantastic and fabulous 6th birthday greetings. Happy Birthday to my little princess.

32. On your 6th birthday, I am sending fabulous and fantastic birthday wishes! Happy birthday to you, my little princess!

33. Happy sixth birthday to you! I wish that your day will be filled with games, giggles, rainbows, presents and parties! Of course, I also wish six candles on a great big cake… Happy birthday!

34. May your beautiful little smile grow to be six times more beautiful in your 6th year! Happy 6th Birthday!

35. My opinion is that a 6 year old girl should definitely get her own pony. Now we have to convince your mom and dad!

36. I will not know what you will become in the future – a tennis player, vet, or perhaps a president of the United States! But all I know is that you will become the cutest girl in the world. Happy birthday!

37. May your year be a great one, and your birthay full of fun! Happy 6th Birthday!

38. Because you are turning six today, I will be giving you six amazing things as well – ice cream, cakes, hugs, kisses, giggles and of course, presents! Happy 6th birthday little one.

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