Happy Birthday Meme

We provide you best collection of happy birthday meme. So choose best suitable birthday meme to share with your friends and special ones, happy birthday memes are best choice to wish your friends in a most funniest way. Here we provide birthday memes with funny movie characters, cute cats, dogs, sloth etc. for friends, sister, brother, mom etc.

Best happy birthday memes

1. Yo dawg i heard you like happy birthdays

2. Age is just a number, false: age is a word

3. On your special day, i wish you peace, love, insight ……

4. I found an old baby photo of you dad …….

5. Happy birthday you magnificent bastard.

6. Happy birthday bigboy.

7. Happy birthday kick back like a boss.

8. Just called to say happy birthday ……..

9. I will find you and i will wish you a happy birthday.

10. Hey i know its early but …..

11. Hello, it’s me. happy birthday

12.Nobody wishes happy birthday better than me. Believe me

13. Hey girl, happy birthday sorry, my sleeves fell off.


14. Another year older huh? you must be so thrilled.

15. Tommy didn’t invite me to his birthday party …………

16.I’m gonna cut you up a piece of delicious birthday cake.

17. Heeeeeey happy birthday, eat cake #gangamstyle

18. What up hot dawg gg happy birthday homie!

19. Made mom a happy birthday meme she gets it. I’m the most favorite child.

20. Hey you happy birthday meme by cute puppy.

21. Happy birthday meme by cute sloth

22. It’s your birthday i’m controlling my excitement.


23. Happy purrrthday best fishes.

24. I want to wish you a very happy birthday, just so you know i love cake.

25. I just wanted to eat but you lit my food on fire.

26. smile, its your birthday

27. Happy birthday meme by cute baby sloth.

28. Funny happy birthday meme.

29. Birthday cake? lord jesus it’s a fire.

30. Oh its your birthday? come i clap for you.

31. Happy birthday, i nose it will be good. (movie character without nose)

32. Oh Dammmmmn, its your birthday. So will there be cake.

33. Happy birthday meme by alien.

34. Birthday on 29th feb.

35. Happy birthday meme by south Indian style.

36. That was dog he says happy birthday.

37. Birthday to Dat’ass

38. Happy birthday go hard.

39. Hmm, i do say happy birthday.

40. OMG, it’s your birthday!

41. Happy birthday mom, I love you.

42. Happy birthday my nigga.

43. Yeah, happy birthday. now if you could get back to work ……..

44. Happy birthday matt, make it as good as your 13th birthday …….

45. Brace yourselves, the happy birthday wall posts are coming.

46. Happy birthday meme by angry dog.

47. Happy birthday meme for nigga friends.

48. Cute funny happy birthday meme.

49. Just for your birthday thor would smash that.

50. They didn’t make me a birthday meme, I didn’t call the fire brigade.

51. Happy birthday mom! hope it’s a hoppy one!

52. Happy birthday buster you still owe me a 10 second car.

53. Happy birthday baby i have your present behind this stump.

54. I was gonna wish you a happy birthday but then i took an arrow in the knee.

55. Mom, mom, mom. Guess what it is? Happy birthday

56. Happy birthday from one sexy beast to another.

57. Cute happy birthday meme.

58. Happy birthday dad! wait, wait, wait you’re how old?

59. This bitch, you know what this bitch does? ………..

60. Happy birthday meme by cute dog.


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